UNOW Morning Drop off - Health Screening questionnaire

Welcome UNOW Families!

We are so excited to share the news of a very helpful tool that will assist us in making the morning drop offs go much quicker! 

As more inclement weather is expected to occur as we approach the end of the year, UNOW recognizes the necessity of encouraging safe and efficient improvements to our morning drop off practices & routines

To achieve this, we are asking you to provide us the cell phone & email address for the designated primary point of contact (POC) in your household. (Unfortunately, we can only have one contact in this system) 

  • Upon filling out this form and designating your POC, an individual questionnaire will be delivered daily, Monday through Friday,  to the POC's phone & email to answer for each child.
  • This person will be responsible for receiving the emailed or text version of our questionnaire each morning you are expecting to bring your child(ren) to UNOW
  •  Upon answering each question, scroll to the bottom of the questionnaire and confirm either: NO to all questions or YES if you answered yes to any of the questions. Then click submit
  • If you answer "NO" you will receive another email/text with the daily pass for the child you are answering on behalf of 
  • Once the POC receives the daily pass it is their responsibility to forward by text/email to the caregiver that is dropping off the child(ren)
  • Whoever drops off in the morning need only show the pass(es) on the phone to the screener after the temperature of the child(ren) is taken  
By default, the parent/guardian whose first name comes first in the alphabet is setup currently as the POC. 
(For ex: Jane Who, John Doe --> POC = Jane Who)
You may change this designation by filling out the form below and submitting.

This questionnaire will ask you the same list of questions our UNOW screeners ask every morning after taking your child's temperature... but from the convenience of your home on your phone!



Child 1 Full Name
Child 2 Full Name
Child 3 Full Name
Primary Parent/Guardian Name
You can choose here who gets the text to be sent to their cell phone with link to answer questionnaire
You can choose here who gets the email with a link to answer questionnaire