Class Curriculum

Young children learn by doing—through interaction with the objects and people in their environment.

Sparky the dog and the Princeton Fire EngineThus, we prepare an environment from which children can choose stimulating and challenging materials and activities. We seek to extend their learning by stimulating curiosity and encouraging them to work out problems on their own.

We respect each child's special interests, abilities, pace and style and encourage them to respect each other. Learning for the pre-schooler begins with achieving self-awareness and assurance and developing social maturity, communication skills, and physical coordination. We encourage development of these skills in a caring and supportive environment.

Through play and discussion children develop perceptual pre-reading, thinking and pre-mathematics skills. They develop social and cultural awareness and an understanding of and appreciation for nature and the physical world. They enjoy process-oriented art and music experiences.

In addition to the daily exposure children have to nature, music, art, dance, and play, visitors within these disciplines visit UNOW on a weekly basis. Additionally, we have special programs that are scheduled throughout the year when the whole school comes together. In the past, we have had flamenco dancers and ballet dancers, pigs and ponies, the Princeton University football team and women’s soccer team, and much more.