Family Handbook

A. All About UNOW

A.1. Contact Information and Hours of Operation

A.2. Mission, Vision, and Program Description

A.3. Philosophy and Core Values

A.4. Curriculum Overview and Special Enrichments

A.5. UNOW Teaching Staff

A.6. UNOW Administration, Support Staff, and Contracted Services

A.7. Board of Trustees

A.8. UNOW Program Strategic Plan and Goals (2018-2022)

A.9. Partnerships with Princeton University and Princeton Baby Lab

A.10. UNOW Organizational Chart

B. Application, Admissions and Enrollment

B.1. Applications Process, Priority Ranking and Waitlist

B.2. Admissions Process

B.3. Contract Options

B.4. Enrollment Process and Continuing Enrollment

C. Ready, Set, Go! Transitions at UNOW

C.1. Get Ready! First Time Families

C.2. General Transitions for All Children at UNOW

D. Classroom Experiences and Policies

D.1. Safety and Supervision, Teacher to Child Ratios, and Group Size

D.2. Daily Schedules and Routines

D.3. Setting the Stage for Play and Learning

D.4. Materials in the Classroom

D.5. Classroom Policies

D.6. Supporting Multiple Languages in the Classroom

E. Communication and Family Engagement

E.1. Partnering with Families

E.2. Stay Informed and Connected

E.3. Communication of your Child's Progress and Development

E.4. Family Engagement Opportunities

E.5. Family Involvement in Governance and Program Planning

E.6. Addressing Concerns

F. General Program Policies

F.1. Parents’ Right to Know

F.2. Child Abuse and Reporting Mandate

F.3. Family Release and Information Shared

F.4. Policy on the Release of Children

F.5. Tuition and Fees Policy

F.6. Disenrollment Policy

F.7. Behavior Guidance and Discipline

F.8. Inclusion Policy

F.9. Confidentiality Policy

F.10. Photo Sharing and Social Media

F.11. Babysitting

F.12. Nondiscriminatory Statement

G. Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

G.1. Safety Policies

G.2. Health Policies

H. State Regulations and NAEYC Standards

H.1. New Jersey State Licensing Regulations

H.2. NAEYC Early Learning Accreditation Standards