A.8. UNOW Program Strategic Plan and Goals (2018-2022)

UNOW Strategic Plan (2018-2022)

In 2017-18, UNOW’s Board of Directors initiated and undertook a strategic planning process to build a road map of priority areas of focus for the next 4 years to continue to excel as a location of high quality early childhood education and care.

A Strategic Planning committee of current and alumni parents, board members, educators, and administrators met regularly for eight months. The committee gathered input from 8 key stakeholder groups within our community via surveys, interviews, and focus groups at different points throughout the process. We organized a board retreat to review the information and developed a plan that reflected the vision, mission, and core values of UNOW.

This report details a four-year vision of five strategic areas to prioritize attention for UNOW in the coming years. The plan also includes goals to guide the board and administration toward achieving success in each priority area.

In June 2018, UNOW’s Strategic Plan 2018-22 was presented at the annual community meeting following approval by the UNOW Board of Trustees at the May 2018 meeting.

UNOW Strategic Plan (2018-22) - Priority Areas & Goals

  1. Affordability & Access of Quality Care at UNOW

Goal 1.1: Support greater diversity within UNOW community.

Goal 1.2: Support greater economic accessibility.

  1. Management & Leadership

Goal 2.1: Support the developing needs of UNOW’s leadership.

Goal 2.2: Broaden the professional development of UNOW’s management team.

  1. Staff Recruitment & Development

Goal 3.1: Support UNOW’s high quality program by focusing on recruitment of new staff.

Goal 3.2: Support UNOW’s high quality program by focusing on staff retention.

Goal 3.3: Broaden professional development opportunities of UNOW’s staff.

  1. Communications & Community

Goal 4.1: Foster an inclusive community culture.

Goal 4.2: Improve internal and external communication.

  1. Leadership in ECE Field
    Goal 5.1: Pursue opportunities for UNOW to serve as a leader in ECE field for betterment of UNOW and field at large.