D.6. Supporting Multiple Languages in the Classroom

UNOW serves an internationally diverse population.  Some children come to UNOW knowing two or three different languages.  Some children come to UNOW not knowing any or little English. It is important to let teachers know early on about your child’s English and multi-language abilities.  Teachers will support the transition and language development of multilingual children. Many of the UNOW staff speak multiple languages and can offer support to be sure every child is understood and welcome at UNOW.  Teachers ask parents to provide words from the child’s primary language, both spoken and written to be included in the child’s classroom.  Families may also share books and songs from their home languages.  Teachers work with children of all ages to learn vocabulary and rely on pictures and photographs to help a child understand English as well as their home language. All languages are respected and celebrated at UNOW.  No child will be forbidden to speak their primary language while at UNOW.  If multiple children are speaking together in a language other than English, they will be encouraged to be inclusive of those around them.  It is the goal of UNOW for children to be exposed to many languages and learn to respect the richness that language brings to the UNOW community.