E.4. Family Engagement Opportunities

Visiting the Classroom

Parent/Guardians of enrolled children are welcome to visit any part of the center, at any time, without prior notification. Families are always welcome at UNOW.  Parents may enter the classroom and visit at any time of the day during operating hours.  We encourage families to communicate with the classroom teachers when they will be coming to the classroom.  It is best to arrange visits with the classroom to be able to anticipate and support the children in the classroom.   All visitors other than parents or guardians must report to the front desk to be cleared to for entry into any classroom or area of the building.

Families Share in Activities in the Classroom

Teachers encourage families to read stories, share activities, talents or family traditions with the children.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to speak to the classroom teachers and they can help you with possibilities.

Participation in Field trips and other classroom events

Preschool age children may go on walking field trips from time to time.  Sometimes they may go on a bus trip to a farm or a special destination off site.  Teachers will invite interested parents/guardians to participate in field trips and classroom events.

Classroom Volunteers

If a family member of an enrolled child would like to volunteer in a classroom at UNOW please speak with the UNOW Director or Associate Director.  Background clearances are required for all regular volunteers.  Background checks will be made available free of charge.

Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO)

The PTO is comprised of a voluntary group of parents and a few teachers.  The PTO drives the parent involvement and family networking activities at UNOW.  All families are welcome to participate as they desire and are able.  Some activities include a parenting book club, monthly Friday coffee and discussion groups and arranged weekend playdates at a local park.  The PTO also organizes volunteer classroom parents to assist teachers with tasks and parent involvement with classroom activities. In addition, the PTO plans for teacher recognition and an appreciation event each year.  Information and a contact person for the PTO will be provided to families at the beginning of each program year.