E.5. Family Involvement in Governance and Program Planning

Board of Trustees

There are opportunities for parents to become members of the UNOW Board of Trustees.  Speak with a teacher or the Director if you are interested in becoming a board member.  All parents/guardians are invited to attend a board meeting without being a member of the board.  There is time allotted at each monthly board meeting for public comments.  A summary of the monthly board meetings are posted on the UNOW list-serv.

Board Committees

There are several committees that function with the purpose of governance, task- force or an advisory role depending on the committee.  Parents do not need to be board members in order to serve on board committees.  Some of the committees include finance, communications, fundraising, strategic planning etc.

Family Feed Back and Program Planning

Families’ voices are important to UNOW. A family survey designed to obtain families’ feedback on all aspects of the program is distributed in January or February of each program year. The results of the survey are compiled and shared with the UNOW community, the UNOW Board of Trustees and brought to the annual program review team.  Informal feedback offered at parent/teacher conferences or in communications with UNOW administration are shared internally to identify trends of satisfaction and suggestions for improvement. All feedback types are documented and used to inform our best practices and help drive planning for the next program year.