E.6. Addressing Concerns

Addressing Concerns - Where to go when you have a concern?

Sometimes a family has a concern about a classroom incident or a program policy or procedure.

Families are welcome to speak to the director or administration with concerns at any time.  We are willing to listen to concerns and may offer suggestions or considerations on the circumstance.  However, it is also best to go directly to the classroom Lead or Associate Teacher especially when there are specific concerns about your child’s experience at UNOW.  Please know that concerns can only be mentioned briefly while the teacher is in the classroom with the children.  You are welcome to schedule a one-on-one appointment with your child’s teacher when they can provide their complete attention.    Program Coordinators are also a valuable resource when you need questions answered. They oversee a group of classrooms in a specific age group. They have built supportive relationships with the teaching staff and are apprised of the day to day experiences in each of the classrooms.

We believe that we must work in partnership in order to provide the highest quality child care for you and your family and it is important that we work together to quickly bring concerns to a satisfactory resolution.  If such a concern exists, we recommend the following action steps:

  • If a concern is about a classroom incident, discuss your concern first with the classroom teacher.  Families are always welcome to schedule a time to meet with teachers privately.
  • If the concern remains or if the concern is about a program policy or procedure, you may discuss your concern with Program Coordinator overseeing your child’s classroom wing (Infant and Toddler Wing or Preschool Wing).
  • If the concern remains or involves a more global or financial concern it should be discussed with the UNOW Administration (Director, Associate Director or the Executive Assistant).