F.11. Babysitting

NAEYC states in their ethical guidelines that as caregivers, "We shall not use our relationships with families for private advantage or personal gain, or enter into relationships with family members that might impair our effectiveness working with their children."

UNOW strongly discourages staff from making independent child care arrangements with families at the school. However, in the event that the staff member enters into an agreement with a family to babysit, it must be done outside of the staff member’s normal work hours and/or outside of the school hours. In addition, it must be done away from the school and with the full knowledge and understanding that the UNOW staff member (the babysitter) enters into such an agreement as a private citizen and not as a UNOW employee.

In addition, it is UNOW's policy to strongly discourage staff from babysitting for children in their immediate care. As with all other outside employment, it should not interfere with his/her attendance, performance and responsibilities at UNOW.

UNOW cannot be responsible for our staff members away from school and outside their working hours. UNOW will not be liable for a staff member’s acts or omissions when not on UNOW property including the transportation of children.

Staff and parents/guardians are required to sign an acknowledgement and a waiver to this effect.

Confidentiality and privacy of the family must be respected.  Discussion of employment must happen outside of work hours. Violation of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination.