F.3. Family Release and Information Shared

Family Release and Permission Waiver

Families are provided with the following information for agreement or release at point of enrollment.

Permission to be photographed/videotaped/audio taped from time to time.  Such documentation is used for educational and or publicity purposes.  Anonymity will be maintained-no identity information will be presented without the parent/guardian permission.  Teachers must have parent/guardian permission to share relevant photos of a child with other families within the child’s classroom.

Permission for Field Trips

In order for children to participate on field trips or stroller walks outside the building and immediate vicinity parents/guardians must grant permission.  Field trips beyond the immediate vicinity or requiring transportation must provide families with advanced notification with written consent before a child can participate in an offsite field trip or event.

Permission for Emergency Treatment

Parent/guardians provide permission to grant UNOW to obtain emergency medical treatment for the child if the parent/guardian cannot be reached.

Permission to share contact information

Parent/guardian contact and address information will not be shared on the UNOW list serve or UNOW Directory without the parent/guardian consent.