H.1. New Jersey State Licensing Regulations

UNOW Day Nursery is required to be licensed through the State of New Jersey and the Office of Licensing in the Department of Children and Families and is governed by these regulations.  A copy of our State License is posted on the bulletin at the main lobby entrance.  Hard copies of the regulations may be found at the UNOW reception area, director’s office or associate director’s office and is available to families upon request.  The regulations may also be viewed at: www.nj.gov/dcf/providers/licensing/laws/CCmanual.pdf. If you suspect our center may be in violation of licensing requirements you are entitled to report them to the Office of Licensing (877) - 667-9845. UNOW must renew their State license every three years and will receive unannounced annual reviews.  You are entitled to review the OOL’s Complaint Summary report, as well as any letters of enforcement or other actions taken against the center during the current licensing period.  Reports may be found online at:  http://data.nj.gov/childcareexplorer