Admission Process

Once a family has been selected and accepted the offer, the family must submit a one-time deposit and sign an annual contract during Parent orientation to secure admission. At this point, the child is admitted into UNOW for the signed contract period. If a family declines the admission after providing the deposit, the deposit will not be refunded. If a family breaks their contract, UNOW will retain the deposit and the family will be responsible for the remainder of the tuition or until the space is filled by another child. Otherwise, the deposit rolls over each year until the child completes their final academic contract term at which time the deposit is prorated or refunded. 

Contract Options

Families will be expected to sign a contract each year. There are three options of contract periods available to families. The different types are listed and defined below.

  • Academic Contract – September to the end of the academic year (usually near mid June). In March, families have the option to extend contracts to include half or full summer if an opening is available.
  • Extended Academic Contract – A hybrid of the Academic contract term and added half of either summer session (usually 4 weeks). Families may choose to add the first half or second half of an 8 week summer session.  In March, families also have the option to extend their contract to include the full summer if openings are available.
  • Full Year Contract (discounted tuition) – Service provided for approximately 12 months from September through the academic year and through both of the Summer sessions ending sometime near mid August.

Modified or shortened contracts may be permitted within a given program year and at the discretion of the director and with the support of Princeton University.  Any modified contract is not guaranteed from year to year. Contract modifications may require additional fees. 

* See Tuition page for current rates and fees