Application Process

Applications are accepted year round and may be completed and submitted online. Except for currently enrolled children, UNOW requires an annual application submission. UNOW begins accepting applications to our waitlist for the next academic year on the Thursday before Labor Day. A separate application is required for each child of interest.  Once the application is submitted, the application will be placed on the waitlist by priority ranking, age and receipt of application.

Apply Now for 2024-2025

In recognition of the longstanding relationship and partnership agreement between UNOW and Princeton University the following waitlist ranking and selection for enrollment is followed.  Currently enrolled children have first priority in remaining in the program from year to year until they leave or age out. However, the following waitlist ranking acknowledges the priority given to the Princeton University faculty, staff and students. 

Priority Ranking and Waitlist

  1. Returning currently enrolled children (requires an annual signed contract)
  2. Siblings of returning/currently enrolled children
  3. University-reserved slots, the number of which must be confirmed by the University each year and released if not filled by a given date.
  4. Maximum total of 3 children of full time UNOW staff members with at least 1 year of service at UNOW
  5. UNOW alumni and sibling of UNOW alumni
  6. Children of senior and junior faculty
  7. Children of University staff and students
  8. Children of UNOW staff not included in cohort 4 and other members of the University community (i.e. visitors, alumni, McCarter Theater employees, and others who possess University affiliate identification) and as designated by the University.
  9. Children of individuals not affiliated with the University or with UNOW.

Once a place becomes available in a given age group, administration will select from the waitlist by designated ranking priority and appropriate age group and call the first selected family. The family will be offered the spot and typically have 3 to 7 days to accept or reject the opening. Families may come for a tour before making their final decision. Administration will move down the priority waitlist until a family accepts the offer. If the family declines the spot, the family may choose to remain on the waitlist for the remainder of the year but will need to fill out another application for the following year.