The Teachers

Will the teacher/student ratios change in every room?  Or will there be more rooms to accommodate the additional children?

We will reduce the class sizes of B and D and we will meet or exceed the standards for teacher/child ratios required by the National Association for the Education of Young Children in the all age groups.


Given UNOW's radical expansion over a short period of time, how will new teachers and aides be hired and trained?

We have dedicated many hours to the requirements and job descriptions for teachers to ensure that their qualifications will match the demands of the new center. We feel confident that the salaries we offer will attract teachers with the best education and experience. Our recruitment drive will start in February with a view to hiring by May and a start date in August. A large part of our closure in August is to prepare the teachers, who will start on August 1, to be fully up to speed when we open in September.


Will experienced teachers be “spread out” across the larger number of classes next year?

Absolutely.  Although our classes follow a team-teaching scenario, each room will have a lead teacher and a co-teacher. The lead teacher will have at least five years’ teaching experience. In the new center each classroom will have a Lead Teacher, Teacher, Assistant Teacher and a part time support person in each classroom. Every effort will be made  to have at least one person in each classroom, irrespective of position, who has taught at UNOW before.