The Transition

What is the purpose of closing for most of August 2017?

Every effort is being made to ensure a smooth transition and opening to the new center in September 2017.  One week will be dedicated to packing and moving materials from the old center.  The plans to sort through and purge materials and furniture has already begun but we will need that week in August to finalize and pack up what we will be moving to the new center.  The second week will be dedicated to training the center’s staff in policies, benefits, required health and safety trainings, and continued training with the new curriculum.  Also time will be dedicated to assimilating new and legacy staff to create a cohesive and supportive work culture. The third week will be used for classroom team development and time for teachers to prepare their classrooms for the children. The final week will be dedicated to orienting children and families and transitioning children into the program.  


What are our options for child care during the move?

We are committed to make this August closure as smooth as possible for our families. In January, we will begin to explore child care options in earnest. This may include working with other schools, using vacant space in our current building, or facilitating teams of parents to arrange for child care together. Most importantly, we will continue to inform families of the closure so families can plan well in advance. 


How many children is UNOW planning to enroll in the first year?

In the first year we plan to enroll 142 children, up from the current 85 children.  When we are at full enrollment, we will have 180 children.


Will there be a walk-through for parents before the start of school in September?

Yes, there will be multiple opportunities to see the new school. In August, we will offer tours. All enrolled families will be invited to an orientation at the new center prior to the start of the school year. We will also offer tours and information gatherings for prospective families beginning in January 2017 with the current center and in the new center as permitted.