Erika Gilfether

Office Phone

I have been a part of the UNOW community since summer of 2017 when we moved across the parking lot and into this brand new building.

I have a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from The Erikson Institute and about 20 years of experience in the preschool setting. Prior to this, I was the assistant director of Blue Skies for Children: a NAEYC-accredited childcare center in Oakland, CA. 

I first experienced the power of play based curriculum and taking children’s ideas seriously as a teacher at Park West Cooperative Nursery School in Chicago.  I was drawn to this field because there’s something amazing about the moment a child figures something out about the world—whether that’s taking a step or apologizing to a friend. It’s never gotten old for me. I’m thankful for all the early childhood teachers and administrators I have learned from along the way showing me that children, families, and teachers all need the same sense of community, belief that what they think matters, freedom to explore what is interesting and trust in being cherished no matter how rough any particular morning might be.