University NOW Application of Interest

WAITLIST FOR 2024- 2025

Below please find the application for our current year 2024-2025 waitlist. There is no fee to apply.  Each child must have their own application in order to be considered 

***Attention: Families that are interested in admission for the August 2024 - June 2025 academic year will need to fill out this application to be added to our waitlist. 

Applications to the waitlist submitted before August 31, 2023 will not be rolled over to the 2024-2025 waitlist. Nor will applications submitted now be rolled over for 2025-2026 waitlist.

You can indicate your interest in starting before August 12, 2024 (if a spot becomes available) by stating your preferred start date in the "Preferences" section at the bottom of the application 

The waitlist for 2025-2026 will open on August 29, 2024. Same rules apply as above. No applications submitted on the 2024-2025 waitlist will be rolled over to the 2025-2026 waitlist. 


Additional points worth noting:

  • A completed application does not guarantee enrollment or a placement at UNOW. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission if you have provided a valid email
  • Applications are accepted year-round. Class groups for 2024/2025 will be formed in late April / early May after currently enrolled children have signed contracts to return.
  • After classes are filled based on returning children, we will fill any openings from the waitlist based on priority ranking and then by submission date
  • Some openings do occur during the year and we will come back to the waitlist to fill any openings. If you are not offered a spot for the upcoming school year, and would like to be placed on our waitlist for the subsequent academic year, you will need to re-apply when the waitlist for that year opens online.
  • The waitlist for the following school year will become available online on the Thursday before Labor Day of each year. 

Please contact us with any questions. 

Princeton University Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students: If you believe that you are eligible for financial aid, see the appropriate website for instruction.

Please indicate Child's Legal first name as it would appear on legal documents. If child is yet to be born, please list as "Baby"
Please only provide middle name if it appears on legal documents
Please provide the child's last name as it would appear on legal documents
If International Address, please fill out entire address in this space
Please enter your mobile number
Please enter your HOME telephone number, if applicable
Please indicate if a sibling is currently enrolled at UNOW
Princeton University Affiliation
Professor; Associate Professor; Assistant Professor; Lecturers, Professor of Practice, Instructors
Postdocs, Professional librarians, Professional researchers, Professional specialists, etc
Princeton University Staff
Princeton University Student (Undergrad/Grad)
Includes but not limited to: Visiting Faculty (Professor, Assoc/Asst Professors, Lecturers), Visiting Academic professionals (Fellows, Research scholars, Collaborators, Specialists, Research Associates, Librarians) invited to Princeton University for a limited time
Graduated from Princeton University
i.e. McCarter Theater, Princeton Press, any other University affiliate designation
Please select your affiliation with Princeton University; you may check all that apply
UNOW Staff?
If you are currently a UNOW Staff member with at least 1 year of service at UNOW, please select "Yes"
Alum of UNOW?
This child is a sibling of UNOW alum or child of UNOW alum
Returning to UNOW after absence

If you have had children enrolled in the past or you yourself have graduated from UNOW, please indicate "Yes" or
If your child left and is returning to UNOW, please indicate "Returning"

Please indicate your primary preferred start date
Please indicate a secondary start date preference here if necessary
Any comments you would like to add, you may do so here.
Extended Hours
UNOW’s regular operating hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Please check your interest in future extended day options.
Part-Time Interest Survey
Part day/part week options will only be considered in the event that UNOW is unable to fill any full day/full week slots. Part week/part day may not necessarily continue from year-to-year. Please choose a part-time option you may be interested in if it comes available.