Princeton University Partnership

UNOW has a solid partnership with Princeton University. Prior to 2017, we were located at 171 Broadmead in a university owned building. Because of this partnership and as a nonprofit, independent school, we are able to use our tuition revenue to support our great staff/child ratios, our program and enhance staff benefits and professional development. The university supports our program in many crucial ways by providing university representation to our board and facilities and building maintenance and grounds care with our playground and surrounding landscaping.

In 2013, the University sent us a Request for Proposal (RFP) asking UNOW how our program, programmatically and physically, would meet the growing, expanded needs for quality childcare for members of the Princeton University community. The University recognized UNOW, as a longstanding program serving university families and members of the Princeton community for nearly 50 years. They wanted to hear our plans, thoughts and vision for the new childcare center and inquired if we were interested in being the provider for the center. Our administration, staff and board were fully engaged in this active and creative process to respond to this wonderful opportunity. We were granted this privilege in 2014 and moved into the new center in August 2017.

To memorialize this historic partnership, we signed a Service Agreement with the University to clearly define all procedural, administrative, and operational aspects regarding the new facility.

The UNOW administration is in frequent communication with our University liaison which has built trust and confidence in our supported vision and mission for children. This partnership is an evolving process that has proved to be very successful. It has benefited many families and children who can now join our program with the increased number of classes and has attracted new teaching professionals and staff.

Princeton Baby Lab

The Princeton Baby Lab has had a site on Princeton’s campus for several years through the Department of Psychology. An additional site has been placed in the University NOW Day Nursery to expand their research clientele.

The Princeton Baby Lab is a developmental psychology lab in the Department of Psychology at Princeton University. The studies focus on how children learn new words, how they learn to perceive their visual worlds, and how they learn from other people. There is a dedicated room inside UNOW for conducting research, in partnership with UNOW and with the consent of UNOW families.

Consent forms are filled out and submitted to the classroom teachers. Families and children may opt out of research studies at any point.

Families may contact the Princeton Baby lab at [email protected] or 609-258-6577.